Friday, August 12, 2011

MyKid – Identity card of Malaysia for children below 12 years old

                                            Front of MyKid Malaysia children identity card
                                          Back of MyKid Malaysia children identity card

MyKid is a chip-based identity card which is issued to children under the age of 12 years. MyKid is similar to MyKad except that MyKid does not have a photograph and fingerprint.
“My” refers to “Malaysia” or “Personal Ownership” while “kid” is a Malay acronym for “Kad Identiti Diri” or Personal Identification Card. The identification number on MyKid will be used for all official matters, from birth to death.
MyKid contains three main applications inside the chip
  • NRD application (birth data)
  • Health information
  • Educational information
Benefits of MyKid
The benefits are:
  • Reduces usage of forms when dealing with government agencies or the private sector
  • When dealing with departments or agencies such as hospitals or clinics for the purpose of health examination, schooling, etc
  • Conveniently carried about because of its small size
  • Possesses security features to prevent misuse.
  • Utilizes chip technology where information can be read on the card or from the chip. The information in the chip can also be updated easily.
  • Attractive and interesting design
implementation of MyKid
MyKid is issued at all NRD branches in Peninsular Malaysia and it is only for the registration of new births.
For inquiries on MyKid, please contact +6(03)8880 8066.

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