Tuesday, May 22, 2012

National eID & ePassport Conference 2012 held in Malaysia- first in Asia

First time ever, the National eID & ePassport Conference held in Asia, as a Malaysian i proud this event will be in the Malaysia. thank you for MOSTI and Cybersecurity support for such high quality event , and this event will be good for us to share the expereince for others Asean countries our experience when first launch world first smart card based Citizen ID card- mykad .

Following are the news regarding this event, look like promising, this event will bring the refresh experience sharing for all delegates, this might a good to attend conference. I found the conference partification fee for such international high profile conference are reasonable, i should attend as well to enhance myself for the industry knowledge. 

Endorsement from Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation Malaysia  and official support of CyberSecurity Malaysia

The National eID & ePassport Conference (www.eid-epass.org) - the Global Forum on the drivers behind the digitalization of citizen ID documents – brings 4th edition to ASIA for the first time.
Stockholm, Lisbon, Kuala Lumpur – April 2, 2012PrimeKey Solutions, Multicert and SecureMetric, together with official IT & New Media Partner Nerd, are organizing the National eID & ePassport Conference (www.eid-epass.org) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 8th and 9th October. This forum on electronic identification gathers 40 speakers and 300 experts, key industrial as well as top-level governmental representatives from over 40 countries in high profile keynotes, case-oriented panel sessions, workshops, networking and exhibition.

This 4th edition will highlight the practical experiences and recent developments in ASIA and EMEA, as well as promote new major technology initiatives from all across the Globe. Delegations from all over Asia, Africa and EU will gather for two rewarding days full of discussions on electronic identification, industry innovation, business processes and legal aspects.

Mr H.Avni Aksoy - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey:
”The National eID & ePassport Conference has now become an established tradition already. The Conference is the most industry-relevant event that regularly brings together the top players. Not only because it brings together suppliers and potential clients, but also because this is where new ideas, technologies and processes are discussed and take their optimum shape with inputs from all concerned. It is not an exclusively IT event - although that plays an important part- but for all the right reasons it is the “it” event. Miss it at your peril. ”

Andy Choy – Verizon Business
”There is no such thing as “One-size-fits-all” solution. Creating a platform where people can exchange ideas, discuss and share experiences to address challenges unique to each government will go a long way to benefit the international community.”

Edward Law – CEO SecureMetric
”The National eID & ePassport Conference is a very effective touch base for both government delegates and industry players to gather together for sharing experiences and know-how followed by top delegate networking. Being the 1st of its kind in Asia, we are receiving overwhelming response especially from the 10 ASEAN countries, which will also facilitate a golden business opportunity to connect the East with the West and vice versa.”

News Source: http://www.isoc.my/profiles/blogs/citizen-eid-global-forum-goes-asia