Monday, July 7, 2014

renew or apply for International Passport Malaysia in Puchong Selangor branch

I decide to have this short note record for whoever try to search this relevant info on internet, i found it is no able to found the updated info of this for year 2014, luckily i had successfully done it on the date i went there, however i wish to share this info may helpful for you. 

kindly please be inform the passport Malaysia is issue by Immigration department(IMI) not the Jabatan pendaftaran Negara(JPN). 

For the puchong case sometime is confusing, why confusing?

ok, peoples was telling me that i can do the Passport Malaysia in Puchong , the place that we apply for the ID card mykad. Ok, i know where it is but can JPN do the passport for me? if not wrong last time the JPN Maluri Cheras branch can't. This is the first question come into my mind, but my friend told me that he read from the web some people said they do it at there, so i decide to believe what my friend read then.. in the 7am+ i arrive there, already 16 people queue there, so i follow the queue, but the queue is toward to JPN office, at first i don't realise the immigration office is on the 2nd floor, so i start doubt to myself whether i am in the correct queue and correct place, i asked then confirmed, it is correct place and queue. I have to queue and go in the JPN puchong to get the number, then whatever passport transaction have to go immigration office in 2nd floor. then i know that is 2 department in same shop lot different floor. 

i try to searching on the internet, that is no 2014 latest update what i had to bring and fill up in order to renew/apply the new Passport Malaysia. 

Tips for applying or renew International Passport Malaysia (red cover)

The address of the puchong branch is: 

67-69(2nd floor) , Jalan PU 7/4, 
Taman Puchong Utama, 
47100 Puchong, Selangor 

It's near Carrefour Puchong Utama (you can't see this Immigration Dept/JPN puchong branch from the main road, so it will be good u try googling the google map for find the way to go there before you go.

*There are few documents that you require to bring along while going to the Immigration office:

1) old passport. if you are renew your passport

2) Malaysian ID card (mykad) - make sure it is workable, as the officer will require to verify it. 

i) for children without mykad should be the birth certificate 
ii) Also kad Tentera ..-  

this 2-i and 2.ii,  i am not 100% sure, you can check this at
However, i found the info not really updated to latest by July2014 , please double check ya

3) passport photo. no need anymore,as they have a camera there for direct shooting without addtional charge. At least for puchong branch no need. 

4) Cash (Ringgit malaysia MYR)  The immigration dept don't accept credit card ya

Passport Fees

  1. RM100.00/RM150 for 2 years( from is RM100, but some forumer is saying RM150, so it is good you call to check or bring RM150.00 for back up)

  2. RM300.00 for 5 years (i am getting this 5 years package)

Go there earlier if you don't want to wait too long. it will wait long did i mean process is slow? no, may be due to the volumne/demand is not big the demand is not keen, so in puchong only 1 counter for process to apply and renew the passport malaysia, another counter is payment (pembayaran) and another is passport collection. So that is 3 counter and each counter had it own function, so this will make you feel it is slow. Anyway, it is moving actually, be patient. 

How long you can collect the passport? 
after the payment, you can collect it for 1 hour, the process is quite in satisfactory speed.

you can also come to collect more than 1 hours, this i confirm as i check with the officer there. based on the receipt it this passport had to collected within 3 months, so i guess you can collect within 3 months, however, please check with the office there, and unless you have some urgent matter, else please collect in the same day, since you pay for it already.

related questions: 
Do i need to photostat my mykad ? 
by 7th July 2014, i don't need to bring photocopy of my mykad in order to renew my passport.  the officer on the spot ask for my mykad to verify my both thumb use the mykad reader.

Can i renew or apply for International Passport Malaysia in Puchong? 
Yes, that is immigration branch office(cawangan) in Puchong, located in Puchong utama. it is in the same building with the JPN puchong branch (cawangan), 2nd floor, go up with the site stair case. 

please be remind you have to queue at downstair to go in the JPN office to get the number then go 2nd floor for processing. 

in Puchong where i can renew or apply for International Passport Malaysia? 

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara(JPN) Malaysia branch in Puchong Selangor can renew or apply for International Passport Malaysia? 
No in JPN, but immigration office in puchong to renew or apply which is locate in same building(shop lot) 2nd floor. 

although the application or renewal process done on the 2nd floor, but you have the get the queue number inside the JPN office again, please don't wait upstair, no people will call you there. 

if you not sure, please ask the officer politely, they can help. 

what documents i am require to bring along for renew my  International Passport Malaysia? 
refer to above *

International passport Malaysia( Pasport Malaysia Antarabangsa , red cover type) 

this photo i am link from
remark: this info valid and recorded for July 07 2014, if future policy change or the building address change, then you may require to check for latest info again.