Tuesday, May 12, 2015

use mykad when visit a residential area or factory

Nowsaday when we want visit an residential area or visit a factory, most of the time we will ask  to register our name, shooting our photo and to record our IC mykad info in computer system, also don't forget about the old school solution like those require us to leave the driving license / mykad in the guard house, and to me the most useless way i knew which is with a log/note book ask the visitor self fill up the personal details and visit purpose, which company/unit you want to visit, what is the time during you come in and when you go out nobody ask you to sign again, so that is no go out record, sometime the security guard is not there also, so you can destroy the proof by tear the whole page; or this you no need to destroy the proof as all info you write is not correct at all anyway etc. Oops..!! i am not ask you for how to be a bad guy but this is the loop whole, please la think about it, i can think this, sure the bad guy can do it.

I checked with the company sell this kind of system they call this as visitor management system, true, this is nice product name, close to what is does :) so this system allow the owner or management to manage the info, for even advance, really can manage the visitor, which is like preregister the visitor and so on.

If all this system can linked to the government or police department then i think the criminal will be lesser as well.

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