Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Replace your Malaysia IC - Mykad online

review date:2/1/2012

I have check MYEG website today and found the mykad replacement service had been removed from their exisitng service list, so i would like to update to all reader of this blog, please call to MYEG to confirm their service available.

However, below FAQ is still available in their website by date 2/1/2012, so i am assuming they are just temporalily withdraw the service from their list, after the problem solve, or please contact to MYEG to double confirm

Myeg provide the online mykad replacement

1) What kind of JPN Services can be done at MyEG’s website?
The services offered in this website are:
1. Normal replacement
Request for normal replacement can be made to upgrade MyKad chip from 32K to 64K. This chip upgrade is to support all applications available.
2. Damaged card/chip replacement
Request for replacement can be made if the card is physically damaged or the chip is unreadable during the verification process by the agency throughout any transactions.
3. Lost of MyKad replacement
Replacement for loss of MyKad: Must not exceed maximum 5 times reported lost cases only. A compound will be charged for the lost cases (Please refer to the question below for the charges info).

2) What are the charges involved for the application?
Please refer to the table below:

Type of Services Offered
Replacement of MyKad - Normal
Replacement of MyKad Due to Chip / Card Damage for Malaysian (<12mth from issue date)
Replacement of MyKad Due to Chip / Card Damage for Malaysian (>12mth from issue date)
Replacement Due to Loss
1) for 1st time loss
2) for 2nd time loss
3) for 3rd – 5th time loss

An eServices fee of RM2.00 is included to all the services above
A penalty fee of RM20.00 will be charged for users who does not collect their MyKad within the first 24 months

3) Do I have to make / have a police report before applying for replacement of the new MyKad online due to lost?
If you choose to apply your new MyKad through MyEG Services, you do not need to make any police report.

4) Who can use this replacement services?
The services offered are open to all Malaysian citizens who already have MyKad.
The services are not applicable for non-citizens, citizens without a MyKad (old IC holder), lost MyKad more than five times, and MyKad replacement due to rule 18 (those who never change MyKad after reach age 18 years old).

5) How do I carry out my transaction through the website?
You need to register with the website if you are a first time user:
• Go to Login & Registration section at www.myeg.com.my
• Select Individual Registration.
• Fill in the required details and click Submit.
• Once your user account is successfully created, you will be forwarded to the main page.
• An email will be sent to you to activate your account. Click the link indicated for activation.
• Login your account with your username and password
• Navigate the top menu by clicking eServices > JPN
• You have reached the front page for JPN Services
• Follow the corresponding instructions to make your request.
• When the transaction is successful, please print your receipt.

6) Can I replace a new address or insert a new photograph for this MyKad?
No, there will be no new information inserted inside your new MyKad.
All information which is already at JPN will be stored in this new MyKad.

7) How do I make my payment for this service?
The payment is through credit card transaction only.

8) Do I get a receipt for the transaction I make through MyEG Services?
For every successful transaction, you will be issued with a MyEG’s JPN receipt.
Please print this receipt before you make your collection.

9) Can I use MyEG’s JPN Receipt as my Temporary Identity Document?
Receipt generated by this Online Services shall not replace the temporary identity document. You are advised to proceed to the nearest JPN counter to obtain a Temporary Identity Document (KPPK09). No payment involved for first time issuance of KPPK09.

10) Can I get my MyKad delivered to me?
No, MyEG Services does not deliver your MyKad. You may check your application status at JPN website (click here to go to the page) to clarify the status of your application. Once the new MyKad is ready, you have to personally proceed to the counter as chosen during the application to collect and verify your thumbprint. You need to bring your MyEG’s JPN receipt together with your old MyKad or Temporary Identity Document (KPPK09) during collection.

11) Can I ask somebody else to collect my new MyKad on my behalf?
No, you need to be present during the collection of MyKad at the JPN counter.
This is required as JPN will verify your thumbprint upon collection of the MyKad.
Please surrender your old MyKad upon collection or Temporary Identity Document (KPPK09). A failure of returning your old MyKad will be charged as card lost.

12) What do I do if I found out there is a mismatched thumbprint during my collection?
Your application will be terminated and you are advised to re-apply for MyKad at the JPN counter in the event that your thumbprint verification failed during collection. Payment will be waived if the same payment is charged.

13) How long the application will be processed?
For collection chosen at JPN Putrajaya office, your card will be ready within a 24-hour working day. Example: If you apply on Friday, your card will be ready on Saturday (Note: JPN HQ and State offices operate 7 days a week, except on public holidays).
For collection chosen at any JPN offices in Peninsular Malaysia (except Putrajaya), your card will be ready for collection in 10 working days.
For collection chosen at any JPN offices in East Malaysia, your card will be ready for collection in 30 working days.

14) How can I check the status of my application?
You can check the MyKad application status 24 hours after the receipt date, by the following methods:
Hotline : 03-8880 8066 (during office hour 8am – 5pm, weekdays only)
Website : www.jpn.gov.my
mySMS : Please type JPN MyKad <ic no.> and send to 15888

15) Is the JPN Service available for 24 hours a day at MyEG’s website?
No, JPN services at MyEG’s website are only available as follow:
Monday to Friday : 8am – 11pm
Saturday : 8am – 7pm
Sunday : 8am – 9pm

The info listed here should be correct during the time the author of this blog copy from the Myeg's website, to double confirm, please visit the Myeg's website to double confirm. We bear no responsibility on the outdated info.

Source : http://www.myeg.com.my/index.php/en/faq/mykad-replacement