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MyKad With New Security Feature available from Jan 3 2012

date of post this blog : 2 Jan 2012

MyKad With New Security Feature available from Jan 3 2012, begin at the National Registration Department office at Putrajaya and Shah Alam office in first stages

PUTRAJAYA: The National Registration Department (NRD) will be issuing the new MyKad with the latest security features in stages from Jan 3, said NRD director-general Datuk Jariah Mohd Said.

She said the issuing of the new MyKad would begin at the NRD offices in Putrajaya and Shah Alam on Tuesday and would be extended to other branch offices throughout country after Feb 15.

“The new MyKad is more durable as it is made of tougher polycarbonate material as well as a new and longer lasting chip.

“Apart from that, the MyKad has a “ghost image” which uses a new laser technology on the surface to prevent forgery,” she told reporters at a media conference here yesterday.

Jariah said NRD was confident the new MyKad would meet international standards as it had improvements over the existing version.

“Members of the public are encouraged to change to the new MyKad but it is not compulsory,” she said.
Jariah said NRD branches in other states such as Kluang and Ipoh would be issuing the new MyKad on Jan 10, Johor Bahru (Jan 14), Kuantan (Jan 15), Melaka (Jan 17), Kuching and Kota Bharu (Jan 20), Kuala Terengganu and Penang (Jan 29).

Apart from that, she said the NRD office in Alor Setar would also issue the new MyKad on Feb 2, Miri (Feb 6), Kota Kinabalu and other branches on Feb 7 and branches in the Federal Territory on Feb 15.

“NRD will take one day to issue the latest MyKad in the NRD branches stated.

“Other NRD branches will take 10 working days in the peninsula and a maximum of 30 days in Sabah and Sarawak,” she said.

NEW MYKAD: National Registration Department (NRD)  director-general Datuk Jariah Mohd Said showing the new MyKad at the press conference in Putrajaya. — Bernama photo . 
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A comparison of the new MyKad (right) and the old one. The new MyKad contains a laser-engraved ghost image of its holder and the Prime Minister’s Office Building Complex can be seen in the background when it is placed under UV light. Pic by Effendy Rashid

THE new MyKad with its laser-engraved ghost image and other security features will be tougher to forge.

National Registration Department (NRD) director-general Datuk Jariah Mohd Said said the new MyKad would bear two  photographs of the holder instead of one.  The smaller photograph would be a ghost image imprinted on the top left of the normal photograph.
And, unlike the old MyKad, which does not have any laser engraving, the identity card (IC) number of the new version will also be engraved in small lettering below the normal photograph.

"In case of any attempt to tamper with the normal photograph, there is another image which is more difficult to remove as it is burned using laser into the MyKad. "Also, the small IC number under the normal photograph will help in verifying the numbers and it has a tamper-proof 80k chip compared with the 64k in the old MyKad.
"The new chip is better than the old one which can be easily become faulty. It also has more storage capacity," she said, adding that the card was made using tougher polycarbonate with stronger adhesive on the cover.

Other non-visible new features were art screen, line width modulation, background screens and patterns, variable microprint, Ultraviolet (UV) pre-printed guilloche pattern, UV pre-printed multicolour and UV pre-printed image.

"The current MyKad is still valid. However,  I encourage the public to switch to the new MyKad."

Remarks: Ghost image = also called Image Maya by public

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