Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mobile device or tablet to read mykad?

In the old time in order to have the mobile apps for the ID card - mykad, most of the time the device (PDA, handheld device, portable device) are Window CE based, and cost are quite high ~expensive : (

Mobile device / tablets nowsaday  are more affordable, a lots of options from different brand and OS such as Android , Apple IOS, Window mobile OS / coming window8, Symbian , blackberry OS& etc available in the market, there are much more easier to develop the application due to Internet development, a lot of courses and training class available as well. Also the 3G/4G data plan for the Mobile device / tablets / Smart phone also are at the affordable price rate, doesn't like old time GPRS, the price was so terrible, really a nightmare for many peoples.

Look like now the infrastructure are ready, really looking forward to have more application optimize the usage for the mykad (a card that only all malaysian own , biggest user base) will launch. Please - Malaysian, please do it!