Monday, August 13, 2012

Can the Mykad Smart Shopper program become the scam target??

Dear all,

I am not try to offense whoever involve in this loyalty program which utilise mykad, but i just worry the similar way use by the party with "special purpose".

I would like to request smart shopper owner AJ team and supported Govt dept find the way also teach public to allow public and all Malaysians to verify the trustfulness of such site, this web site require the public or anyone with mykad to enter their data to enjoy for the benefits, look fine to all but it is really fine to enter our details into this site?? will this the phishing site? how can i as a normal citizen know this? sorry, i really no answer for you all. What i will advice are, be careful and be alert!

website reference source :

i am not sure how many more similar website in the web, this might be true, but how if this is not true and this is phishing site?

The good thing is this site not ask for payment to join the program, but this can be the tricks to attract people enter their details without question, it is really safe to key in our details?

below are some screen shot for this site
"Pada hari ini hanya Affiliate atau Authorised Dealer sahaja yang layak untuk mendaftarkan atau mengaktifkan mykad rakyat Malaysia ke dalam Program Mykad Smartshopper secara PERCUMA. "

author comment/question:
this website "macam benar" will help everyone to activate the mykad into this program for the loyalty program and enjoy the participant shop's promotion and discount.

By look at the details require enter, this kind of data enough for a lot of verification purposes, so could you imaging how serious if this data/info fall into wrong hand?

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