Monday, September 3, 2012

Keychain style mykad reader (buy? )

I am not sure whether i am correct or not, if not mistaken i remember in the last time that is a kind of easy to carry device to read the mykad (malaysian's ID card - Kad is same mean with card, it is in national language for Malaysian,  Bahasa Malaysia "malaysia language")

Thanks to the writer of the blog for , i found the photo of this type of reader. this post blogged around year 2005, so this keychain type i guess is confirm this product is exist and function for long time ago, should be introduced to market in year 2005 or before. 

normally called as  portable card reader, key ring reader, key chain mykad reader, you see the "MyKad" word, this is the official Mykad logo if not mistaken, you can see it everywhere in Malaysia, the copyright belong to Malaysian Government i believe?

Interested? you want buy it? sorry, this site not selling anything but for information only, if you have any mykad info, please feel free share with me, i have the audiences who enthusiast with mykad related info!