Friday, September 27, 2013

With the Mykad reader, do you think we still need to photocopy for the mykad ID card?

I'm still remember, in the past, Malaysia's citizen /Malaysians are require to photocopy their Mykad (malaysian National ID card)for many purposes, i do it the same since i had success apply the mykad in my 12 years old ( I am actually not really sure why as Malaysian, why i am only get my national ID cards which proven my Malaysian's Identity by 12 years old only, how this ID system work, sorry, this a bit beyond my knowledge as i am not a historian nor never do a deep research on this. Well, may be i shall research for this also. )

Nowsaday due to i am searching around the mykad related info and run a blog on it, i come across a gadget called mykad ID reader or simple we called it mykad reader. Whay is the purposes of this gadget? With this hardware, normally is USB Powered with USB cable, just plug into the PC / laptop, then you run the software, then the software will manage to read (retrieve) the mykad info into the system/database. this is good for no need anymore hassle data entry. so with the mykad reader, we already able to collect the mykad data into the software system, do you think we still need to photocopy for the mykad ID card for many application process? or this still require due to the law or for the legal process? I am not sure for this, you may need find out yourself for the time being..

However, in today's world, we know the IT can improving the efficiency, i see this kind of reader can improve the efficiency, improve the speed that operator key in the data e.g for the apartment guard house's security guard(pak guard) who need to register the visitor's mykad or loyalty membership counter require to key in the member data, under the pressure of visitor, if the operator is in pressure for the long queue, somemore not all operators is well trained then the registration process become even slower and many wrong type mistake problem happen; and i believe the condominium/apartment/bulding's community /management members not all can understand the guard house's visitor log book hand writing, actually that is useless in many time, nobody going to read it and i guess police won't investigate on that if any cases happen. so Mykad reader in this situation will play a good role, improve the efficiency.

following scenario and field can be use the mykad and software to improve the efficiency ie. clinic pr hospital's patient system, or labor delivery system or medical report collection,all require the identity verification, mykad reading is most straight forward ; driving school to verify the examiner identity; retail shopping member card, save the ; college enrollment ;, insurance agency for the customer data key in, reduce the embarrassing situation require client to wait while manual fill the form; Bank financial institution/ Government agency /govt licensed loan company check client or citizen details, just plug in the mykad and read, more easy; Human Resource System and Payroll System for employee registration, check the employee not use the fake mykad; Condo/Office/Factory Visitor Management System; Hotel Management System.

I am notice in the market like i went to clinic or some hotel, in their front desk most of them use ROCKEY reader, can read the mykad and mykid. however, please contact the seller for more info. This blog not selling anything.