Tuesday, October 29, 2013

fake mykad holder shot dead Ambank officer

This news really shock me!

This happen to a security guard who suppose is the trust person, but then the "trust" causing the bank officer was shot in the head at "close range" by a security guard at 6.20pm on Oct 23 at USJ Sentral, Subang Jaya. that time the bank officer bring the security guard to bank's vault. The security guard with fake mykad then fled with RM450,000 from the bank’s vault.

This all because of the "lust" (nafsu)i will said. Pity to that officer and families :(

Non malaysian (not mykad holder) nothing wrong actually, the problem is if the person with the fake identity card / fake mykad, then if that is anything happen, then that is no way to track the people, who he is, what his actual name, what is the nationality, what his last address, we don't know who he is actually, he just like "invisible man", people with no identity...

how to detect the fake mykad?
may be mykad reader can detect the fake mykad