Thursday, March 27, 2014

More and more Cash register in the market come with mykad reader

Nowsaday when i go to buy stuff in the retail store, those cash register with cashier operating will have the mykad reader, to enter the member data, then issue us an member card or gift card for reward. This is good for encourage buyer come back again to buy again. This mykad reader i found it is good to make the efficiency, can prevent long queue in front of the counter. opps am i wrong for the cash register is different with the Point of sale system(POS)? sorry, i am not the technical guy, i check on the internet for the Point of sale system is like PC but the cash register with small LCD and the keyboard only. Correction add on: Mykad reader is the device with cable link to PC or machine, it can collect the data from mykad then pass to the PC, laptop or any machine(i assuming).